Specialty Boxxes

Our Specialty Boxxes are some of our most popular boxxes. Need to place a bulk order? Simply place your order for the desired quantity and send us an e-mail to confirm additional addresses. Want the freshest picks and preferred pricing? Our BlackBoxx (Recurring) can be sent when you want, where you want with our shipment delay and recipient change options. We'll even send YOU a reminder before every boxx is sent, just in case. PLUS, our subscribers can even choose to substitute an equivalent Specialty Boxx for a fresh pick.

  • A fresh, stylish collection every month. Customizable for any occasion and perfect for the busy professional.


    With a different, delectable collection featured each month, you'll never get bored of sending great gifts. We can even include your business cards or other paraphernalia. It's just part of the package. Send to a different recipient each time at...

  • Champagne Brunch

    Perfect for the sleepy weekend, this boxx brings everyone together. Complete with a specialty selection of mixes and syrups, as well as some fancy utensils, Ninjabread Men for the kids and champagne glasses (for the perfect mimosa).

  • High Tea

    This collection is packed with beloved international teas and authentic English teacakes, decadent cocoa, Dutch delights, and flavored stirrers. Perfect for relaxing at home or in the office, this package is sure to help you escape the everyday.

  • The Grillmaster

    Complete with a selection of premium grilling tools and a selection of gourmet sauces and spices, this boxx is a great addition to any kitchen (indoor or outdoor). Want to customize it with your business name? Simply send us a note after checkout...