Whether it’s your loved one or the client you want to show some love, we’ve thought of everything that makes giving memorable. From the handwritten note to the meticulously packaged boxx, our care packages can be customized to fit any occasion, just for them and perfectly crafted by you.

At BlackBoxx, we're redefining the care package AND giving.  With you in mind, our team works tirelessly to ensure you can always give thoughtfully, stylishly, and simply.  Every month, we share a curated gift collection based on the season, trends, and your personalized profile.  We only include things you'll love, the first time and every time, and we’re always looking for ways to give you and yours a truly fabulous experience.

And, remember, if you need a fully custom order for your organization or group, our Signature BlackBoxx is where it all began and we'd love to help promote your cause. 

We look forward to sharing our boxxes with you, so be sure to come back soon and visit often!

To learn more about us, our mission, and how to get in the boxx, please e-mail us at hello@giveblackboxx.com.

Watch our animated video here.

giving is always in style.